Since 2013, we have been working for community harmony. Our outreach has brought people together from all over the world, providing opprortunities for locals, travelers and forginers alike. 


People are people, it’s just that simple, our goodness is understood by those who are gentle.  Make the decision to refrain from division.  When we stand for somethings and not against others, it opens the doors to our sisters and brothers.  We accomplish much more when working together.  Only love can rise above.
— Jay Jackson, Co-founder Fincas Buenas

What We've Achieved

  • Began our first bottle tower garden. This is the type of cultivation we plan on employing on a larger scale in the future to maximize food yields for the community!
  • Coordinated with the municipality of San Marcos la Laguna to get a trucks and trash bags lined up to organize a community clean us days.
  • We recycle bottles and other kinds of garbage in order to stuff "eco-bricks" for use in making some of this town's first trash receptacles.
  • We have constusted over 5 community housing projects for locals.
  •  Fincas Buenas permaculture farm is completed and a portion of the harvest is  always given to members of the community in need, in order to ensure proper nutrition. 
  • We have repaired paths and walkways to provide safer passage for those that walk them everyday.
  • The consrtution of the Po Joko Bridge allwos the farmers to cross more easily during the rainy seasons.
  • Please check out our facebook page for more stories like these!